The Little Book of Breaux Custom 4.0

This week I have been in the studio shooting this outfit for my last post of this series!

Today, I present to you this extravagant, backless House of CB dress. I assume that it was inspired by ice-skating/figure skating dresses. There are two major things that this dress has in common with ice-skater attire:

Beautiful embellishment and lots of mesh!

Ashley Wagner, 2016, Figure Skating Championships.

I am just in love with the detail of this piece.

I think it also has a contemporary wedding feel to it.

There are sequins in the embroidery, so accessorising with a couple of sparkly rings is more than enough.

Backless, zip up back with tight waist band.

Embroidery is an ancient configuration of needlework representing wealth, social-status and sometimes belief. Textile scholar Lanto Synge posits that it probably originated in China. Documents of early surviving fragments have been estimated as being around 4,500 years old.

I wear this dress to formal occasions. It definitely makes me feel confident and decorative.

House of CB has such a vast range of different styled clothes, so check them out for yourself!

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