The Little Book of Breaux Custom 3.0

If you are as girly as me then Ted Baker could be one of your new favourite designers.

This week I’m blushing in pink with my ‘ELIJAE’ Chatsworth Bloom fitted t-shirt. #TedToToe

I wore ‘ELIJAE’ with black tapered trousers, a pink scarf and black leather loafers for this shoot.

I later realised that my nude pointed ballet flats would have looked even better, helping to break up the outfit, and throw in a more subtle colour.


In China, flowers are an important part of fashion and culture. Real flowers were often detailed in embroideries on clothing. Especially the Lotus flower, representing purity, and Peonies, representing Spring/reproduction and female beauty.

Moschino Spring 2018 Flower Dress

It would be amazing if we could pull off real flowers outside of the runway, in every day fashion, unfortunately I cannot imagine that the clothing would last very long in our wardrobes.


The good news is, Ted also has the Chatsworth Bloom print on tapered trousers for those who are a bit more adventurous!

The Chatsworth Bloom print is part of T.Bs new collection, so you can still get it online.


This look was completely inspired by T.B- He’s definitely in my top 3 favourite designers.

Just as an end note, I used Kylie Jenner’s Burgundy Eyeshadow Palette on my eyes. It contains a few red/pink tones that are the perfect match for this TedToToe look.


•Top: Ted Baker

•Trousers: Pretty Little Thing

•Shoes: ASOS

•Scarf: H&M


Follow my 21buttons account for the direct links to this outfit •••

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