The Little Book of Breaux Custom 2.0

This week, I am bringing one of my favourite outfits to your screen. Oversized tees are the best for a combination of comfort and aesthetics.

Inspired by Shannon Nicole (Beauty/Fashion blogger and CEO of BOLD Cosmetics).

From Shannon’s instagram and snapchat stories, you will see that one of her favourite fashion ideas is the oversized t-shirt look, not evident on her Instagram feed, but from following her story years, I know that she likes to wear big t-shirts.

I learnt that not everything has to be tightly fitted in order to look beautiful. An outfit like this is perfect for any body type.

I decided to create my own take on oversized tees, and tried to make them fit a more outgoing look. I have used my peachy pink Ivy Park top, together with khaki jogging trousers (with a pink stripe) and suede chunky heels to mix and match daytime wear with evening wear.

Here is a photograph of, American designer, Norma Kamali’s Spring/Summer Sweatshirt collection (1980). This collection is a great example of how great tracksuit bottoms and a top can look.


Top: IVY PARK/Topshop

Trousers: Zara

Shoes: Topshop


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