The Little Book of Breaux Custom

For this blogging series, I will be releasing one outfit per week, for one month.

My outfits are simply made up from a mixture of new collections and old collections.

I am documenting exactly what is in my wardrobe, (things I just love to wear), to present my own personal style to you. Each outfit will have a straightforward description along with details e.g. where to purchase. Please bear in mind that some items of clothing are no longer for sale on these websites.


I am a lover of fashion, however, celebrity inspired outfits and clothes that I adore from the runway would break the bank for sure! A few of my outfits are inspired by famous designers, so I have tried my best to build alternative looks that are more suited to the average person.


Saturday 10th March 2018- (Outfit 1)

Inspired by American designer, Tina Leser.

Using stripes, Leser supplies us with a perfect example of fresh, new age, American fashion after the Second World War. (Popular in 1952)

It’s a classic look.

Navy blue and white striped shirt, sleeves rolled up, with navy blue paper bag trousers, black loafers and knee-length charcoal coat.

This look is simple, yet smart. It is an outfit which is perfect for retail job interviews or sophisticated events, such as work meals.

Leser originally brought this look to life with jeans (dark denim/navy blue jeans look great and more casual). This time I decided to use the paper bag trousers, as they are currently trending.

Here are the jeans I would usually wear with this outfit.

It is easy to find an outfit similar to this in ANY store near you: Striped shirt; Trousers; Flat shoes.


• Shirt: Ralph Lauren

• Trousers: Pretty Little Thing

• Loafers: Clarks

• Coat: Edina Ronay


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Sample sale at :

Sascha-Emmy Breaux

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